transition data leg root file to vector

Dear all,

I have a question concerning the data in the leg root file. I’m interested in the meaning of the line:
AnyRefNode AdductorMagnusNode = {sRel = .Scale(-.T+{-0.004, -0.197, …Sign*0.022});};

My problem is as follows: I transferred the coordinates of the hipjoint node and the muscle origin node from the m. adductus magnus from the global to the local system (using, axes, the transformation matrix). Then I calculated the vector in between, which appears to be constant over time, as I expected, since the nodes are in the same local coordinate system on the pelvis bone. So no movement is possible.

Now I want to validate my transition method. Therefore I need the vector between the hipjoint and the muscle origin in the local system. I know that the line
AnyRefNode AdductorMagnusNode = {sRel = .Scale(-.T+{-0.004, -0.197, …Sign*0.022});}; in the muscle root file describes where this mucle origin node is situated, but I can’t figure out how to translate this line to a normal x,y,z, vector. If I have this vector, I am able to validate my method (since both vectors should be equal)

Thanks in advance!


Dear Mike,

When you load the model you can go to the tree view and find your variable there. If you expand, for instance, AdductorMagnusMid1Node folder - you will see ‘sRel’ in the subtree and by double-clicking you can get the computed x,y,z coordinates.