Trouble with combining full body model with neck model

Hi, Anybody Professionals,

I am trying to develop a new full body model, with an emphasis on the neck (cervical spine) musculature. I want to use this model to evaluate the loading of the cervical spine during various MMH tasks like lifting, pushing, or pulling.

Based on Mark’s neck model example, I include AMMRV1.1\Body\AAUHuman\BodyModels\FullBodyModel\BodyModel.any

[SIZE=2]Because I want the model to do some lifting tasks, so I used the StandingLift example’s Environment model and JointsAndDrivers in my model.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]AnyFolder[/SIZE] Model ={

[SIZE=3]AnyFolder[/SIZE] &HumanModel =.HumanModel.BodyModel;

[SIZE=3]#include[/SIZE] “Mannequin.any”

[SIZE=3]#include[/SIZE] “NeckModelEnvironment.any” // here, I used the StandingLift example’s Environment model

[SIZE=3]AnyFolder[/SIZE] ModelEnvironmentConnection = {
[SIZE=3]//#include “JointsAndDriversSimple.any”
[/SIZE][SIZE=3]//#include “JointsAndDriversWithNeckRhythm.any”
[/SIZE][SIZE=3]#include[/SIZE]“NeckModelJointsAndDrivers.any” // here, I used the StandingLift example’s JointsAndDrivers file

[SIZE=3]//#include “ForceOnHead.any”[/SIZE][SIZE=3]
[/SIZE]}; [SIZE=3]// ModelEnvironmentConnection[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][SIZE=3]}; [COLOR=#007f00][SIZE=3][COLOR=#007f00]// Model
When the modified model was loaded, there are such warning messages:

[SIZE=1]ERROR(SCR.PRS17)[/SIZE] : [SIZE=1]D:/P…s/A…1/A…1/A…n/E…s/M…l/NeckModelJointsAndDrivers.any[/SIZE] : ‘T12L1Joint’ : Reference of class [SIZE=1]AnyRevoluteJoint[/SIZE] cannot refer to an object of class [SIZE=1]AnySphericalJoint[/SIZE]
Evaluating constants…
Configuring model…
[SIZE=1]ERROR(OBJ1)[/SIZE] : [SIZE=1]D:/P…s/A…1/A…1/A…n/E…s/M…l/NeckModelJointsAndDrivers.any[/SIZE] : [SIZE=1]NeckJntDriver.Reaction.Type[/SIZE] : Number of elements in type specification must match number of elements in force vector (num. elem = 3)

I think, the problems are from here:

[SIZE=3][SIZE=1][SIZE=3][COLOR=#007f00][SIZE=3][COLOR=#007f00][SIZE=1]//Neck driver
AnyKinEqSimpleDriver[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE] NeckJntDriver = {
AnyRevoluteJoint &T12L1Joint = …HumanModel.Interface.Trunk.NeckJoint;
DriverPos = pi/180*{.JntPos.NeckExtension};
DriverVel = pi/180*{.JntVel.NeckExtension};
Reaction.Type = {Off};

Since I did not change the script which was from the StandingLift example, I do not know how to solve this problem.

According to my goal which was mentioned in the first paragraph, is it a good way to develop such a modified model, like what i am doing right now, step by step, deeper and deeper?

Thank you!


Hi, all,

No need to reply now. I already figured it out. I am trying another way to combine the models.