Tutorial 'Interface Features' - Lesson 5 The Command Line Application

I downloaded the file from the tutorial and loaded with Command Line Application. However when I tried to run the analysis it did not work. The errors I got are attached - ErrorCMA.jpg. Is this becasue the version of Anybody I am working on (AnyBody 5.0) is more recent than 3.0 which they use in the tutorial? If so what changes do I need to make for it to run? If not can you see any explanation?


This is indeed due to the version of the software. As the error message says the syntax of the AnyBodyStudy has been modified from version 4. The InverseDynamicAnalysis is now called InverseDynamics. So as you are using version 5 the command should be the following:

operation Main.ArmStudy.InverseDynamics

It seems this line of the tutorial as not been updated. We will do it shortly, thank you for spotting it.

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I am trying to run the console application with a anymcr file so that the commands do not need to be typed in (with the final aim of running multiple times).

The line of code that I am trying to run is:
“C:\Program Files\AnyBody Technology\AnyBody.5.0\AnyBodyCon.exe” TwoSegOpt.anymcr

However I get the following error message:

Warning : The first program argument is interpretaed as a macro file name.
This function is deprecated and to be removed in a future version.
Please use the /m option.

Can you please explain use of the /m option or if there is a problem with how I have written the command.

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Please try to write

AnyBodyCon TwoSegOpt.anymcr /m

the first line of the anymcr file should then be a load command…

load “xxx.any”

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