Upgrade Version AMS 6.04


Upgrading the new Version 6.04. and doing kinematic Optimization I can not see any Marker in the model View. Even though if I use my own models or the examples in the Tuorials. In Version 6.03. there is no problem using the MoCapModel from the AMMR Repository. What is the Reason for that ? Is this a bug or is the new Releas an additional definition necessary ?? :confused:

Hi Christian,

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. We just discovered that as well. The markers are drawn in the “create marker class”, there is an option Visible On or Off. This was set as off, however all AMS versions prior did not use this option. With AMS 6.0.4 we fixed this and now this option is used. If you open the class template you can easily change the Off to On. Sorry again for the inconvenience!

AnyDrawKinMeasure Draw = {
Visible = Off;

Hi Amir

Thank you very much, now it works fine.