v5 conversion

Hi AnyBody:

I have a model that works in previous version, but have problem with v 5.0. One of the error message is that the version 5.0 does not recognize variable “ARel”. The error message is: ‘ARel’ : Unresolved object.

This is the statement in my model:

[SIZE=3]AnyRefNode[/SIZE] segment = {
sRel = … ;

[SIZE=3]AnyVar[/SIZE] Tx = (-90/180)*pi;
[SIZE=3]AnyVar[/SIZE] Ty = (0/180)*pi;
[SIZE=3]AnyVar[/SIZE] Tz = (140/180)*pi;

[SIZE=3]AnyVar[/SIZE] Sx = sin (Tx);
[SIZE=3]AnyVar[/SIZE] Cx = cos (Tx);
[SIZE=3]AnyVar[/SIZE] Sy = sin (Ty);
[SIZE=3]AnyVar[/SIZE] Cy = cos (Ty);
[SIZE=3]AnyVar[/SIZE] Sz = sin (Tz);
[SIZE=3]AnyVar[/SIZE] Cz = cos (Tz);

ARel = {{CyCz, SxSyCz-CxSz, CxSyCz+SxSz},
Sz, SxSySz+CxCz, CxSySz-SxCz},
{-Sy, SxCy, CxCy}};


My question is what is the corresponding treatment in v5.0 for this application?


John Wu

Hi John,

I just tried your code in AMSv5.0 v5.1 and v5.2. All of them work fine! To me the error message looks like the ARel is not inserted in the RefNode, but somewhere else!?

  • Is ARel in the correct position? It needs to be within the RefNode.
  • Can you make a simple model and try if it runs?
  • Will the model load if you change ARel to AnyMat33? You can calculate the matrix anywhere in the model with AnyMat33 and then refer within the node ARel = …AnYMat33xx
  • If this doesnt help, please post or send as the model (support@anybodytech.com)