Validation with Wilke

You have validated your software with some tasks from Wilke et al. But some of them are not included in your validation, like full-flexion task.
Moreover, in flexed tasks like “SpinePresureStandingFlexed.Main.any” you’ve just considered PelvisThoraxExtension=-30 and there no Pelvis rotation with reference to Global ref. is defined. However, due to Granata et al.(2000) the Lumbar/Pelvis ratio in flexion between 30-60deg is about 2.4 . It means that Pelvis rotation has to be considered. It influences your validation results.
This can be seen in other flexed postures too. Please explain about your assumption made for this validation.

Hi Mohamad,

Just saw this posting after i answered the other one…

We have tried in the best way to recreate the posture listed in the Wilke papers, based on the information available in these papers, this information is however not very detailed.

It might be that the paper you refer to can be used to improve the posture, but i am not familiar with this paper. From what I understand from your description a hip flexion could introduce and the spine flexion could be reduced to obtain effectively the same thorax angle wrt to ground.

Best regards