value of objective function

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is there a possibility to get the value of the objective function (no matter which criterion was used)?
I know there is the MaxMuscleActivity, but this is not the value of the objective function.

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Hi Thomaz,

I’m sorry to say but it is impossible to get the vale of the objective function for muscle recruitment optimization.

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Hi Moonki, thanks for your answer.

If this value is not available from within AnyBody: Is there perhaps a temporary file, out of which this value could be extracted?

As theoretically all muscle activities are available, i could calculated it myself, but this would end in a very long expression.

Is it possible to sum up all muscle activities? Where do i know from, which muscles exist in a certain model?

Somebody recommended the Vaughan Postprocessing example, but i could not figure out how it works.

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Hi Thomaz,

If you want to sum up all muscle activities, then there is a smart way for doing it.
In the “C:\Program Files (x86)\AnyBody Technology\AnyBody.5.1\Documentation\AnyScriptReference\demo\ClassExamples” folder, then you can see the ‘AnySearchFun.any’ file.

By using this function, then you can avoid very long expression.

I hope this may help you.

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Thanks for the hint with the AnySearchFun.

In the StandingModel there is a folder named SelectedOutput that includes this function. Unfortunately it seems not to work. After analysis, the “Envelope” is zero although there are forces in some muscles.

Have you got a clue for this?

Thanks, Thomaz

Hi Thomaz,

Would you please let me know which version of AMS you are using now?

We could find that in the AMS 5.1 version there is a bug in AnySearchFun function in some cases. So now we are working around to fix this problem as soon as possible.

And this problem will be fixed in the next release.

I’m sorry again if you feel some inconvenience.

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exists - although it is zero -,


does not exist. Why does it disappear?

(Why is the name not like:




In the ‘\AMMRV1.4\Body\AAUHuman\Trunk\TrunkSelectedOutput.any’ file, you can see the definition of muscle envelope like this:

  AnyFolder Muscles = 
    AnySearchFun MuscleList = {
        Search = "....Trunk.Muscles*.*.*.Activity";
      AnyVar Envelope = max(MuscleList());

And in the trunk, there are several folders which contain the muscles.
For instance:

I guess this may help you.

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