View window problem

The settings for the windows seem to have changed and I can’t figure out how to change them back.

See that attached figures - Projects and Operations

Projects looks as expected. Operations does not look as expected - the right hand part of the Operations window is very skinny and when I put the cursor over top to try and increase the width of the right hand part this option is not available. Do you have any idea how I can extend the right hand part so that I can see the text? I can extend the whole window but the right hand part still remains skinny.


I think that when selecting Operations the right part of the Main Tree window is not supposed to show at all because no information is displayed there. All the information relative to the operations is displayed in the Operation window below.

What version of Anybody are you using?

Best regards, Sylvain.


I am using Version 5.0.0 but running on a Windows Server machine. Jesper Thomsen (who helped with installation on this platform) has noted the bug.