A spine-specific model

I have a question.
Is there a spine-specific body model in Anybody?
If yes, is it possible to obtain the coordinates of markers placed on the back with respect to each thoracic or lumbar joint?

Dear Sangwoo,

Here’s some general info to get started. AnyBody provides a full body representation in various applications. You can use a full body model that includes a spine, or setup an application that is focused on the spine. If you look into the AMMR, there is a model called


that might help.

to drive/move a model, you can use either joint angle definitions, or marker data from motion capture. In order to use marker data, you need to have a recorded marker and a virtual marker on the model and AnyBody will try to match both. In order to get the motion correct you need to place the virtual marker on the model where it was on the subject wile recording.