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I have problems with the example of the claviclebone from your Abaqus tutorial. I have followed all the steps and also created an Abaqus model. I then looked at the constraints and found that the described CON_SHOULDER_MUS_STERNOCLEIDOMASTOID_1 does not exist. Attached is also a picture with my constraints. You can see that I have two additional constraints (CON_SHOULDERARM_MUS_PECTORALIS_MAJOR_CLAVICULAR_PART_4_1 to 5_3) that are not shown in the tutorial. The .xml file from AnyBody contains the Sternocleidomastoid, but the .inp file from the Abaqus Converter does not. What could be the reason for this? Am I missing some detail?


Hi @anni

I'm sorry that the tutorial confused you. It is out of date and needs and update.
The muscles in the model have evolved and changed since it was last updated.

You should be able to find a:

  • CON_ShoulderArm_Mus_Sternocleidomastoid_caput_clavicular_1
  • CON_ShoulderArm_Mus_Sternocleidomastoid_caput_clavicular_2

and yes there have been added a few muscle branches for the pectoralis major muscle.

We will work on updating the tutorial to reflect these changes.

Best regards,

Hello Bjørn,

thanks for the answer! Yes, I have found the muscles.
I just have another question about the amplitude in Abaqus. How are the values of the amplitude generated? Where do they come from?

I see that the AMPL_KNEE_CONSTRAINTS_REACTION_1 -3 are similar to the knee joint strength values in AnyBody for example, but they are not the same.

Best regards,