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Dear Support

I came across a problem about the AnyInputC3D function . I got the C3D data in my experiment and then input into Anybody using the AnyInputC3D function . After input the C3D data, I find the position data in Chart 2D/3D, however, cannot find the markers points in Model view. Why this happen,and what need to do.

the coda as following:

AnyInputC3D inputc3d= {
FileName = “test54-7-1.c3d”;
PointsScaleFactor = 0.001;
ConstructModelOnOff = On;
MarkerUseCamMaskOnOff = On;
MarkerDrawOnOff = On;
MarkerInterPolType = Bspline;
MarkerBsplineOrder = 8;
MarkerFilterIndex = 0;
AnalogFilterIndex = -1;
Filter = {
Fc = {10};

Thank your spend your time to help me.

yang yang

Dear Yang,

If you add “MarkerUseAllPointsOnOff = On;” to your inputc3d c3d folder, it will display the markers.

AnyBody Support

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