About GRF Prediction and Residual force

I am a user who is currently using the ground reaction force prediction algorithm(Code) that is opened in Anybody wiki.

I observed residual force by the Code because GRF prediction pattern is different from the experimental results. And the residual force has different pattern from experimental data. (yellow circle)

I didn’t modified the opened code except “GRF_example”.

Are there any adjustable elements for the accuracy of the residual force?(Besides the FootPlateConditionalContact function and subjuct’s weight)

I want to match the part in the yellow circle in the attached picture.

Thank you.


It seems that the residual force in your simulation seems to be too high.

Have you ever checked the gravity direction of your AnyBodyStudy object?

If you upload your model in the debug section, then we may try to have a look at it:

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