About the .inp file

Dear sir
i have generated a .inp output file from any2abaqus. When i open this file in abaqus it can not open. It shows many types of errors. i have attached the file.:confused:

Dear Mohit,

I can see many issues here in the code.

a1) Possibly you have a mismatch in the units - the influence radius is way too big for the size of the object
a1) Another problem might be that you are trying to export forces on the object that is not in the safe reference frame.
b) For some reasons you do not have the loadstep section.

I would very much recommend to do the tutorials and understand how everything works in detail before you move on to your problem.

Kind regards,

Thanks sir for ur reply. But sir this mesh is opening very well in the hypermesh software.
One thing i want to know that which tutorials should be i read to resolve these types of problem?

Dear Mohit,

Apart from being able to open your mesh in mm in Hypermesh, you are trying to connect it with the AnyBody output. So you need to convert the AnyBody output, which is Newtons and meters, to the right units.

Secondly, once you applied the converter you should get an output with the load section, which i dont see in the attached files.

Moreover, there is one more problem. Your mesh is very big and contains a lot of nodes. You can see in the attached file that some new nodes are created for this analysis and their numbering is trying to overwrite existing nodes. You need to increase the numbering to something else. The simplest option might be just to do search and replace on ^100xxx to give some larger number, which will be bigger than your mesh nodal number.