Acceleration on Seated model

Hi, I am currently using the Seated human full with neck.

I would like to apply acceleration similar to a theme park ride and observe the effect on the neck. If i know the value of acceleration i need to apply, where do i add this?

I am thinking adding the acceleration to the seat in a direction so that the model is being pushed forward in a sense. Could you please assist me in where to add these accelerations to achieve the desired effect?

Thank-you for your help,

Hi Darius,

This a good questions and the AnyBodyStudy has the tools to do exactly this.

Please open "AnyBodyStudy" in the reference manual and look at object


and the associated small demo model called


This small model demonstrates the use of a moving inertial frame in the model, which is exactly what you will need.

The object can seem a little abstract since you will not see the model move, but instead the reference which used to be fixed now moves.

Best regards

Hi Soren,

Thank-you for your help, this has been very useful.
I am having a few issues on integrating a moving inertial frame on the seated model.

Do i add a moving inertial frame within the "Model/Environment.any" of the seated human demo? And would this be the only criteria needing change?

Kind Regards,

Hi Darius,

I think you can add the moving frame in the file you suggest, then refer to it in the study.
This would be the only changes needed.

As a check try the following:

  1. Make a moving frame, use a AnyKinEqSimpleDriver with constant acc, set the acc to gravity.
  2. Set gravity to zero in the study
  3. Make the "ReferenceFrame.InertialRef point at the moving frame
  4. Now you should get the same results as in the original model with just gravity

This is a check that you are using the InertialRef correctly since both models should give identical results.

Best regards

Hi Søren,

Great, thank you!

Kind Regards,

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