Adding exo to mocap model

Hello AnyBody!

I have a mocap model that I have performed inverse dynamic analysis on it. I would like to artificially attach a back Exo to my subject to see if they use the exo, how much the joint compression force will change. I am wondering if that is possible or not? and could you please introduce the learning recourse where should I start?
I just studied this
Connecting an exo skeleton to a human model · AnyBody/support Wiki · GitHub

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Hi Mina,

That is indeed possible. You can find several webcasts as well on our website Webcast library - AnyBody Technology. Please select the filter for Exoskeletons.
Likewise, you can find some publications at Publication list - AnyBody Technology.

We also have a couple of exoskeleton models in the AMMR:

And there are a couple of models available on our github page

There are different ways in which you can proceed based on how much you have decided about your exo already. I hope the resources will help

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Thanks so much for the great resources.