altering properties on GM foot model

hi i want to alter some of the properties on the TaloFibularPosterior ligament to simulate an ankle injury, some of the fields such as eps say there editable but when i go into the script i can’t change anything. any ideas? cheers

i edit this value (L0 = 0.03431717; //Slack length (0 force). Estimated value modified by calibration) but it seems to reset itself can i stop this?

these values are calibrated and overwritten right at the beginning of the inverse study.
You could edit the calibration sequence, but please make a extra repository for this.

every time i try and edit it and run the simulation it resets to original value, any ideas. i am changing it from studies,human model, body model, leg, ligaments. any ideas

At every start of an inverse study, the model will calibrate the ligaments and define these values, so you need to change the calibration.

Did you take the ligament out of the calibration sequence?

no, i can’t change the code as it wont allow me, loading the model then trying to change it using set value function.

Unfortunately, you are not providing a lot of info what is happening. Is it read-only and you cannot change the calibration, or what is the problem?

As mentioned already twice above, the value will be overwritten during the ligament calibration.