Angle of shank to ground

Taking LowerExtremity.any as an example, I want to get the angle between the shank and the ground. I obtained it in the following way, but the result seems to have some problems, and the relationship with the movement does not match.
First, I defined a new coordinate system in the world coordinate system and made it consistent with the shank coordinate system.

AnyFixedRefFrame GlobalRef ={
    AnyDrawRefFrame drw={ScaleXYZ=0.2*{1,1,1};};
    AnyRefNode GL ={
      sRel = {0,0.3,0};
      ARel = {{-1,0,0},{0,0,1},{0,1,0}};
      AnyDrawRefFrame drw={ScaleXYZ=0.2*{1,1,1};};

Here are the coordinates of the GL point,
This is the coordinates of the shank,

Then, I defined the angle between the lower leg and the ground in the following way in the output of the result. The ShankJoint is a point I defined on the mid-section of the shank.

AnyFolder LegGroundAngle = {

      AnyKinMeasureOrg LegGroundAngle = {
        AnyKinRotational LegGround ={
          AnyRefNode &Shank2Node = Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Right.Leg.Seg.Shank.ShankJoint;
          AnyRefNode &Global = Main.EnvironmentModel.GlobalRef.GL;

In this way, three curves are obtained, but I find that these three curves and the movement trend do not seem to be aligned, and I cannot obtain the angle information of the calf and the ground that I want. Could you please tell me how to get what I want?
I would be very grateful to hear from you.

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I think Pos[1] is the angle between shank's y-axis coordinate and GL's y-axis coordinate, that is, the angle between shank and the plane perpendicular to the ground. But the trend of this curve does not match the angle of movement.

I would like to add some more detailed information to you. Below is a short video. What I want to get is the angle between the shank of the right leg and the ground. From the video, we can see that the angle between the y-axis of the shank and the y-axis of the GL coordinate system is gradually increasing. But the obtained Pos[1], that is, the orange line in the figure below is indeed gradually decreasing, which cannot match the movement situation. (1.2 MB)
Best regards.

Hi Xu,

Sorry for the delayed response.

I don't exactly understand the orientation of the GL coordinate system in relation to the shank coordinate system but as you mentioned they are consistent, then I will work with this assumption.

In case of the shank, the y axis is the vertical (proximal-distal) and the z axis is the medial lateral axis. So, if you want to measure the angle between y axis of the shank and the y axis of the GL frame, you should be looking at the rotation about the z-axis, which is in this case Pos[0] (the blue line). I think the blue curve looks alright and gives exactly what you are looking for.

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