Ankle contact force is 0 with FDK

Dear Anybody,
I have a problem with ankle contact force with FDK. I want to input a simple ankle implant into the Mocap-LowerBody model with FDK. But when I finished the 3 steps of FDK, the resuts of ankle contact force is zero, including the ContactArea and MaxPenetration even though the two implants were interferential when the model is walking. I don’t know why. And I had checked the 3 steps of FDK, I think maybe someting wrong in the JntDriverLeftLegTD of joint exclud or something else, but I don’t know how to correct it. Please help me debug the model. And the AMMR is too big to upload, so I can send it to you by email.
Look forward to your apply.

Hi Xiao,

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There can be many things going wrong with such a models, here are a few from the top of my head based on your description.

[li]Please read this wiki entry
[/li][li]Please look at the entry on surface contact and ensure the small test model you make works as intended.
[li]Make sure the surface contact you have made are in fact included into the study you are running, so it needs to be include fromt the study or there needs to be a reference to it. otherwise it will be loaded but not part of the study and you will have zero force.
[li]Ensure that the ankle joint has been excluded from the model
[li]Please make sure to follow FDK tutorial it is a very good idea to start with something simple before moving to the ankle joint.
[li]Start having only one FDK open then gradually increase the DOF number.
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