AnyBody 4-day Training Workshop

AnyBody 4-day Training Workshop
Hosted by: Ozen Engineering

Topic: AnyBody Musculoskeletal Simulation
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Format: A 3-day training workshop (Nov. 11-13) followed by a 1-day seminar on
‘Connecting AnyBody to ANSYS’
(Nov. 14).

Overview: Learn how to use AnyBody to evaluate how the human body interacts with
the environment. Participate in
the hands-on North American training session and learn how to:
- construct your own musculoskeletal application models
- utilize pre-validated body models in your own studies
- import custom geometry for analysis
- optimize product design to minimize effort of use
- incorporate AnyBody in the design phase of new products
- NEW: expand the use of AnyBody with connected Finite Element Models

Cost: $2000 per person, please contact us if you qualify for an academic
discount (students and faculty)


How to Register: send an email with your name, email, and company/university
affiliation to ‘info’ ‘@’ ‘
(no quotes or spaces), or visit the website and register online

Description: The level of the workshop will cover the basics of modeling in
AnyBody as well as advanced topics, to be
determined, that depend on the interest of the class participants. We have a
certain amount of material that we will
need to cover so everyone has a basic level of understanding for using the
AnyBody software. There are also some
specialized topics several people have been asking about (i.e. driving the
AnyBody models with mocap data, how to
bring AnyBody results into FE models) which we haven’t completely decided on
yet. They will probably depend on the
makeup of the class. We will definitely cover how to take the results from an
AnyBody model and apply them to an FE
analysis (which is one reason why we are dedicating a whole day to the topic).