Anybody Console: ERROR(SCR.PRS12)


I am new to the Anybody Modeling System, and my goal is to automate outputting the joint angles of my model using AnyPyTools. But, I am trying to understand macros first. So, I am playing around in the anybody console.

I am attempting to load "JointAngleOutputs.any" in the Anybody Console. However, I am receiving the error "ERROR(SCR.PRS12) : C:\Users\eraymo\Documents\AnyBody.8.0.x\AMMR.v3.0.3-Demo\Application\Validation\AalborgMandibleValidation\BaseModel\JointAngleOutputs.any(1) : 'AnyFolder' when 'Main' was expected
Model loading skipped".

I'm not sure why this is happening. Any help is appreciated!

Hi Essence,

Welcome to the AnyScript forum!

The AnyBody console application is basically the same AnyBody application without the GUI. That is, you don't have the burden of the GUI and this lightweight application is perfect for batch processing, automation, etc.

That said, it works still in quite the same way as the regular AnyBody application. That is you should follow the same rules. So, you have to load a Main file, like you would in AnyBody to load a model, and then run some operation (typically, RunApplication).

It looks like you tried to load a file that is not the Main file for the model. This will cause an error (you will see the same error if you try to load this file in GUI AnyBody).

My suggestion is that you simply use AnyOutputFile to export the outputs of your interest. Please see the reference manual and demo example for more info. The idea is simply that every time you run an analysis, the output file will be generated automatically. Then, you simple use AnyPyTools to batch process your models. Of course, AnyPyTools can also be used to extract some outputs, if you are more comfortable with that.

Best regards,