AnyBody crash / reset


sometimes AnyBody (v. 4) crashes. When i then restart AnyBody and try to load the model, i get the message:
“Reload is not allowed. Reset running operation first.”
How can the running operation be reset?

And a second one: When editing a model so that it contains an typo, model loading of course creates an error message. Unfortunately the model tree is then also gone. Is it possible to reload the last successive model without the changes? (The typos should of course remain.) Model loading sometimes needs quite long.



Hi Thom,

In version 4 you can’t reload if an operation is running. As you saw the system ask you to reset the operation if you try to reload anyway. The reset is simply done by the Reset button in the operation window next to Run and Step.

If AnyBody crashes then most of the time the system does not respond and you have to close the instance. Notice that there might be some remanence of the process that you have to kill in the task manager. After that you can restart AnyBody normaly.

But as i understand you are still promped to reset the operation after restarting. Did you close all instances and kill all remanent process of AnyBody in the task manager?

The second one: It is not possible to reload the last model tree without changing the code. You can only load the tree of the current code. Which mean that if you want to see the model tree you must load a script without errors.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Thanks, Sylvain,

the task manager was the clue.

Bye, Thomas