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I have a problem with the AMMR modification on Anydoby v7.4. I would like to modify the GHReaction.any script. If I leave all files in the installation folder, I am not allowed to modify this file. I've tried to copy/paste all the files into another folder on my computer. I can then modify the files but Anybody crashes as soon as I run applications. And that's for any application (I've tested various basic examples provided in the AMMR).
Do you have any idea where the problem might be coming from?
Thanks for your help!


Hi Margaux,

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The files in the installation directory are not allowed to be modified. This is to ensure that there is a clean copy of the AMMR. You can use the AnyBody Assistant dialogue box to make a copy of the AMMR folder. There is a Getting Started Video in AnyBody Assistant that shows you can do that. You would need to find the option in the Demo tab to make a copy of the AMMR.

Once you have made this copy, can you please check if your applications are running fine before you make any changes? Then, you can make changes to this copy if you want. At least this way we can understand where the problem is coming from. Currently, I am not sure if AnyBody is crashing after or before you made changes.

It may have happened that you somehow managed to change some AMMR file in the installation folder. Then, the best advice would be to reinstall AnyBody.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for your help. It works well.

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