Anybody exporter for solidworks



Hello,I am a student studying biomechanics,I want to add the exoskeleton brace to the Anybody human model,but i don‘t know how to download anybody exporter for solidworks. Thanks for your help。


Hi @zzs22500.

I have never used SolidWorks my self, but I think the SolidWorks Plugin can be selected as an extra feature when you install AnyBody.

I just checked the “Install guide” for AnyBody and it is all explained there. See section 1.3 and 1.4. The guide can be found on the download site:

or in the start menu after you installed AnyBody:


There is also an entry the on our WIKI side which explains everything in more detail.

Best wishes,


Hi Morten

          Thank you very much. I'm a beginner, this is very helpful for me.