AnyBody Modeling System v.7.3.0 released 🎉

We are very happy to announce the release of the

:star2: AnyBody Modeling System v. 7.3 :star2:

The new version is huge step towards a faster and more robust modeling experience.

Includes a updated model repository

The new version includes the updated version of the AnyBody Managed Model Repository (AMMR 2.3) with many improvements and new examples.

For example, a large-scale gait MoCap example, and a new graphical interface (plugin) to scale models based on statistical data. See the AMMR Change Log for a detailed list of improvements and bug fixes.

New faster experimental wrapping algorithm

The version comes with new experimental wrapping algorithm. The algorithm is 5-100 times faster previous version. The new experimental can be enabled by setting:

System.Compatibility.AnyBody73_ExperimentalShortestPathSolver = On;

The speed increase of actual analysis will depend on the model, the ratio of muscles which use wrapping. For many models it is a significant reduction in computation time. The algorithm is inspired by the work of Lloyd, Stavness and Fels (2019).

General faster load and simulation times

The load time for model is reduce by 25%, and the simulation time is also faster in all models which includes tri-axial ellipsoides. A new algorithm for finding distances to ellipsoids have been included. This especially help models of the Trunk and shoulder which include many tri-axial ellipsoides.

New more robust muscle wrapping

Using either the new or old wrapping solver the robustness of the solution has been greatly improved. Even large time steps will not cause muscles to suddenly fall through wrapping surface to the wrong side.

New improved model view performance.

The model view remembers modification to the model view between model reloads. This makes much nicer to customize your own view without losing the view on reload. Likewise, an undo/redo button has been added to make it easier to work with the model view.


In general the speed of the model view has been improved, so it also works smoothly while simulations are running.

New class list

You can get a better overview of the available classes with the updated key-classes list. Classes are grouped by functionality to give a better overview.


New Reference manual

The reference manual has been rewritten making it much easier to find help on classes and function in AMS. Just hit F1 when a function or class is selected and the reference manual will launch.

The reference manual is now a web page which can be search for more information.

See the full release notes...

Download AnyBody 7.3 now and see the full list of changes and bug fixes in the release notes.