AnyBody Modeling System v.7.3.2 released 🎉

:star2: AnyBody Modeling System v. 7.3.2 :star2:

This release of AnyBody has several bug fixes and improvement to robustness of the new muscle wrapping algorithm.

Faster simulation times

The new muscle wrapping algorithm is enabled by default. Hence all models run many times faster than previous versions of AMS (7.2).

Model repository

The release is also accompanied by a new version of the model repository (AMMR 2.3.2). The model repository has an important bug fixe to model scaling, but also a number of improvements to the muscle wrapping at the shoulder in over-head arm postures. Please see the full changelog

Improved muscles wrapping

The new muscle wrapping algorithm became default in AMS 7.3.1. This has made it possible to improve muscles with more realistic muscles wrapping. The muscles are all related to the shoulder and and improve over-head postures. The following muscles have new wrapping surfaces:

  • m. subscapularis
  • m. infraspinatus
  • m. latissimus dorsi
  • m. triceps long head