AnyBody Modeling System v7.2 released

We are pleased to announce that the AnyBody Modeling System v.7.2 has just been released :tada:

It can be downloaded from the AnyBody Technology download page.

AnyBody, v.7.2.0 provides several new features and minor updates. Many of these are supporting the new version of the AnyBody Managed Model Repository, (AMMR v.2.2). Key features are new plugins , builtin Python 3.7, and a new component-based view of the model.

AMMR 2.2 includes many improvements and new examples. For example, a new wrapping implementation of the deltoid muscle, a new graphical UI for configuring body models, and new knee simulator and posture prediction example models.

In addition, numerous issues have been fixed and improved throughout the model codebase (see release notes):

New Posture prediction model: