AnyBody repository

I am a student researcher at Rutgers University and I am using the AnyBody program for my research. I was following a tutorial but found that my repository wasn’t up to date so I followed the link and downloaded the latest version. However, the AnyBody program won’t accept the new, updated file and when I load the model it says “Model loading skipped.” I may have done the update incorrectly. Can someone guide me through this?

Hi Neha, you should supply additional information about the versions of AMS and AMMR you are using. Also, which model (one of the examples?) are you trying to load?

Dear Neha,

The repository should indeed correspond to the version of the software you are using. Typically the tutorials also correspond, but it seems that you accessed something that you should not have - for example, the online tutorial, which corresponds to the latest version of AMS. You could look at your local tutorials to ensure correct behaviour.

As well as that it would be fantastic to know the versions you are using as was previously mentioned.

And finally along with the Model loading skipped you should get an actual error message. Try searching the forum for this particular problem - very likely there is already an answer to your problem.

Kind regards,