Anybody Stature


I’m using the standing model from the repository.
When I look at standard scaling file, it says that the stature for the body is 1.80m, but after running the model and get the top of the head value from the tree list, the top of the head is 1.733351m.

So, which value shall I consider as the stature for the body??


Best Regards,

Hi Lee,

The first thing to note is that the height defined in the scaling file does not scale the model geometricaly. It used to calculate the BMI only. The actual height of the model after scaling is the sum of the individual segment legnth. So there may be a small difference with the theoretical height of 1.80m used for the BMI.

The second thing is that in the standing model the feet are a little below the origin of the global reference frame. So to get the real height of the model you have to consider the position of the base of the heel (the node HellContactNodeLow for example) which stands at -0.02647684m. That gives an actual height of 1.76m.

Best regards, Sylvain.