AnyFE2Abq .XML file generation issue

Hi everyone, just as a bit of background.
I've completed the FEA tutorial using the AnyFE2Abq exporter and everything works fine and i can achieve results in Abaqus.

I have then tried to use the same steps from this tutorial and apply it to the LowerExtremity.main.any Gait analysis.
the model runs fine and completes the inverse dynamics, unfortunately however no .xml file is being generated by using the classes template of 'AnyMechOutputFileForceExport' in my files_out folder or anywhere for that matter.

I have followed the tutorial and placed this class template with my alterations for outputting the shank in the study folder of the model but it is still not outputting the .xml file.

If you could help with this it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
George Withey.

Hi George,

This could happen if your export has not been included into the study you are running.

It will need to be part of the study, it is not enough that it has been defined in the model, the study needs to know about it.

So e.g.

AnyBodyStudy MyStudy ={

AnymechOutputFileForceExport myexport ={};



AnymechOutputFileForceExport myexport ={};

AnyBodyStudy MyStudy ={

AnymechOutputFileForceExport   &ref  = .myexport ;


Best regards

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Hi Søren,
Yes this worked perfectly, thank you for your help.

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