AnyGait and MocapLowerExtremity


I would like to know how AnyGait differs from the MocapLowerExtremity model in AMMRV 1.6

I know that you have to use a static trial and can choose the type of marker set in AnyGait (PiG, Qualisys etc). However does AnyGait undertake the same methodology in calculating kinematics in that it optimises the parameters and segment lengths? Are there any other differences in the method to calculate kinematics.

Could you also refer me to a publication using AnyGait which may deal with this in detail.

Many thanks


Dear Ammar,

We recently published a paper about these methods:
Scaling of musculoskeletal models from static and dynamic trials. / Lund, Morten Enemark; Andersen, Michael Skipper; de Zee, Mark; Rasmussen, John.
I: International Biomechanics, Vol. 2, Nr. 1, 2015, s. 1-11.

It can be obtained here (open source):

Please notice the supplemental material in which details of the methods can be found