AnyGait Example Data

I am trying to run AnyGait example data to become familiar with the program and I consistently receive same error- First, I have assumed that the static .c3d file is the one named ‘standingreference’ and the dynamic file ‘slowrun’. As soon as I load model in preprocessing_load it errors out saying \Applications\anygait\projects rial1.dyn.c3d cannot be found.


Dear Nicole,

you are correct about the static and the dynamic file. Did you go step by step through the setup? I recommend that you have a look at my webcast about AnyGait.

If it really gives that error message, then there is a “.” in front of “.dyn.c3d” wrong.

\Applications\anygait\projects rial1.dyn.c3d

I have watched the webcast, but still run into the same error. It is anybody who designates that root file of \dyn.c3d. How would I be able to change that if it is default in the program?


This is the actual error code. I followed the manual/your webcast step by step. There should not be an error since this program is automated.

Closing model…
Saving modified values…
Deleting last loaded model…
…Model deleted.
Loading Main : “C:\Users\BME_RU\AnyBody Models\Official Managed Model Repository V1.5\AMMRV1.5\AMMRV1.5\Application\AnyGait\AnyGaitSourceCode\Model\OptLegModel\ProjectModel\KinematicModel.main.any”
Constructing model tree…
ERROR(OBJ.FILE1) : C:/U…s/B…U/A…s/O…5/A…5/A…5/A…n/A…t/A…e/M…l/O…l/B…l/ModelSetup.any : ModelSetup.DynamicDataSet.FileName : Problem with file : C:\Users\BME_RU\AnyBody Models\Official Managed Model Repository V1.5\AMMRV1.5\AMMRV1.5\Application\AnyGait\Projects
icole\dyn.c3d : Failed to open the specified c3d file
Model loading skipped

Hi Nicole,

My immediate guess would be that you either forgot to specify the files under the setup page or that your model is located a place on your harddrive that is write-protected. Notice that the model simply creates a copy of the c3d files you specify and the dynamic file is called dyn.c3d.

In the “Projects” under the AnyGait folder, you should be able to locate a folder with your project name that contains a number of files: dyn.c3d, stat.c3d and setupfile.any. Those three files will be created in the folder as soon as you click “Save values” in the Setup task. If that does not happen, a good guess would be that the folder is write-protected.

Best regards
Michael Skipper Andersen
Associate Professor
The AnyBody Research Project