AnyGeneralMuscle and Reaction forces

Hello members of Anybody,
I am working on a model of human interacting with functional clothes. So I want to know relationship between Reaction forces and AnyGeneralMuscle.

Firstly, I think the default reaction force can be fulfilled with some strong AnyGeneralMuscle working in the direction of default reaction force, just as the conditional contact force works.

Second, I think the default joint reaction force and AnyGeneralMuscle are the same as other Muscles in the model. They are not computed ahead of muscle forces. And these are all components of the optimization target computed in the optimization process. This means if there are redundant reaction forces between human and functional clothes, the system will try to find the best reaction force combination. But usually joint reaction force and AnyGeneralMuscle are strong, so normal muscle activation seems to matter more.

Am I right? thank u

yes you are right, if the AnyGeneralMuscle is a lot stronger than the normal muscle, the optimization targets on the normal muscle a lot more than on the GeneralMuscle.