AnyKinPointSurface - Import specific surface


I have a question regarding the Anybody class AnyKinPointSurface.
I’m trying to use this class with a specific surface. I always get an error, because this class needs an input argument of the class AnyParamSurfAnalytical.
So it looks like the only way to use the AnyKinPointSurface is in combination with one of the following classes:

  1. AnySurfCylinder
  2. AnySurfEllipsoid
  3. AnySurfSphere

But non of them is suitable for my surface.
So I would like to know if there is any way to use the AnyKinPointSurface class with my specific geometry.

PS: I already know an approximation function for my surface.

Thank you.

Hi Thomas,
this function is restricted to those 3 surfaces (in AMS v6.1, we might have some additional ones).
Alternative would be to use surface contact. If you have very smooth surfaces, it might speed up things as well.