AnyKinPointSurface normed measure


In the documentation for AnyKinPointSurface it says that the normed measure is calculated as

I have two questions relating to this calculation:

  1. Is this last log supposed to be read as “log(Exponent) times d_i” or as “log base Exponent of d_i”?

  2. If I measure distances individually and then try to calculate the normed measure “by hand”, it is different from the value I get from AnyBody. This is no matter which of the two calculations mentioned in 1) I use. For instance: in one frame I have four distances (0.0329, 0.0244, 0.0254, 0.0297) with Base 1.0 and Exponent 20. Using “log(Exponent) times d_i” I get 0.451 and using the other calculation I get 0.862. From AnyBody I get -0.4347 (note the minus). Any ideas why?


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  1. You should read it as a “base exponent”.
  2. I would need to look how you do it in AnyBody, could you please provide some code? Are you try doing this on primitives? Please provide the code.

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