AnyKinRotational, Type RotVector

Dear all,

I use the class AnyKinRotational in order to measure the rotation of a node with respect to the global reference frame.
When one uses the member Type = RotVector, the measure is a general 3-D orientation as a single rotation about a given axis (As indicated in the AnyScript Reference Manual: (1) How to define the given axis?

I define the class as follow, without giving any axis:
AnyKinRotational ThighRefNodeRot =
Type = RotVector;
AnyRefFrame &Ref1 =.BodyModel.Right.Leg.Seg.Thigh.OutputNode;
(2) Do the three components of the vector ThighRefNodeRot represent the rotations about the corresponding axis of the global reference frame?

Thank in advance for your help!


Hi !
I think that first you have to create a driver moving your segment about a specific axis and then make your measure by using the reference of that driver ;

I don’t think you can just use the node to measure its rotation about a given axis…


Hi Arnaud,

If you want to measure the rotation of a certain reference frame with respect to the global using the AnyKinRotational object of type RotVector, then it will give you the ‘instant’ axis of rotation and the rotation angle.

In conclusion, if you want to use AnyKinRotational of type RotVector then the rotation axis will be result and is not something which you control.

You can control this rotation of axis when you use this AnyKinRotational object with your own drivers.

I hope this may be helpful to you.

Best regards,