Hello there,

I’m building a model in v4 from using GaitUniMiamiTD as a template.

Our MOCAP data has a global reference frame where our subjects move in either positive or negative y. In the particular model I’m building the subject is walking in negative y (z vertical, x medio-lateral). I’ve been trying to alter the model at the MarkerModelStudy stage in order to ensure the model outputs the marker files moving in positive x by making changes to:

AnyMat33 Orientation =RotMat(pi,z);

and it doesn’t appear to be having an effect. Could you please help?

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Hey Stephen!

The reason is that your GlobalRef frame definition in your EB_2_left.MarkerListMover.any file does not contain a reference to the Orientation variable. By default, the MarkerListMover.any file that you get when converting a c3d file to AnyScript using c3d2any does not contain this reference.

Please have a look at the GlobalRef definition in the MarkerListMover.any file from GaitUniMiamiTD. You should be able to just copy it into your own file.

Also, I do not know if you are aware of it, but in version 4 of AnyBody, there is a new AnyInputC3D object such that you can include the c3d file directly in AnyBody rather than having to convert it using c3d2any.

I hope that answered your question. Else please write again.

Best regards
Michael Skipper Andersen
AnyBody Technology A/S

Hey Michael,

Thanks for your reply that has sorted the problem.

I have been re-aquainting myself with AnyBody so I wasn’t aware of the AnyInputC3D object. It sounds good and I’ll definitely be taking a look at that now.

Thanks again


Dear Michael,

In the new GaitLowerExtremity model how do I rotate marker and forceplate data into the GlobalRefFrame. I like the class_templates that handle Marker and Force Plate data, they’re a great addition, but I can’t seem to add an AnyMat33 to either to influence the orientation of our MOCAP data. We can output C3Ds of our kinematic data in different orientations to match the AnyBody GlobalRef but there is no option to do this for the kinetic data.

Is there a quick and easy way to rotate the force plates?
Altering the AnyRefFixedFrame “GlobalRef” in Environment.any doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Best regards,