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I have a basic problem and I need your help. I am working with AMMR.V.2.3.(AnyMoCap). I am using recorded data from a Vicon camera with two force plates.(C3D). When I load and run the demo model of simple gait analysis, I see that the proximal-distal force on the disc l4-l5 is about 700N. Then, I loaded my own C3D, and in order to this, I just changed the type of the force plate to the type of my own. In addition, I modified the name of some markers according to myself. After that, I loaded and ran the analysis but I saw the proximal-distal force on L4-L5 was about 2000 N. However, I expected to see a similar point around 700N. I do not know what is the problem..Can anyone give me some advice, please?

Hi Parisa,

Please check direction of the gravity in the labspecific.any.

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Your guidance was instructive.
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