[AnyMocap] TLEM2 wrapping error: VastusMedialisSuperior

I’ve got two subjects where the inverse dynamics with TLEM2 fails because of VastusMedialisSuperior, while the inverse dynamics works with TLEM1. They perform level walking.


Factorization of stiffness matrix for velocity analysis failed. Try to use a use a larger AugLagCoef value.

What would you suggest to solve this problem without changing the AMMR.

Thanks in advance

Did you expierence similiar problems with the TLEM2.1 during the LLJ project?


I haven’t seen this kind of error for VastusMedialisSuperior before. I would really like to see your model if it is possible.

Maybe there is some obvious error which could cause it. Otherwise, I am afraid it is hard to solve without changing the AMMR. We also have a beta version of the AMMR were we could fix it, and then give you access to.



I will send you the model via PM.

Kind regards

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