AnyOutputfile references

Hi all,
I’m using AnyOutputFile to export data but I would like to have a different file from the main, where listing those data, since they are a lot. Is there a way to make a reference to a file containing all the anyoutput functions from the Study?

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Hi noemibarba!

Thank you for your question!

I am a bit unsure what exactly you are trying to achive, but it sounds like a model structure issue.

If you currently have a .main.any file with everything in it, then yes! you can split that file up into multiple .any files to structure your work.

You could put all of your output measures inside a .any file and include that file where you want.
using the #include statement inside your study definition.

#include “path/to/new/file.any”

And if you want, you can separate both your study and outputfile definitions in separate .any files.

For more information in include files, see the tutorial here

For more specific information on the AnyOutputFile class, download the class example. (1.2 KB)


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