AnyOutputFile separator sign

Hi everyone!

I want to write results of a study to a text file and process the data with Excel. So what I try to produce is a file which only contains the required data which I can then copy/paste. My code so far:

  AnyOutputFile OutputFile1 = {
    FileName = Main.ModelSetup.C3DFileData.NameOfFile+"-JointTorueOutput.txt";
    SepSign = "  ";
    Header = {
      TitleSectionOnOff = Off;
      ConstSectionOnOff = Off;
      VarSectionOnOff = Off;
      ColumnNamesOnOff = Off;
      LinePrefix = "";
    AnyVector RelAnkle= {..AnkleTorque.RelRightAnkleFlexT};
    //add more here

Is there a way to define TAB as separator sign?
I tried by just putting a tab in the SepSign-line but that is written as two spaces. Thus when copy/pasting the results into Excel columns are not separated but all data is written in the A-column.

The point is that I could of course define any separator and tell Excel during import how the data is separated. However, I’d like to get around the tedious import-dialogue as I need to process many files. And tab separation is the only way (as far as I know) Excel interprets correctly when using copy/paste.

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Hi Florian,

I’m at a conference at the moment and I don’t have access to everything, so just a quick answer: I remember that we have something similar in the SpineFixationWithForceDependentKinematics example. Did you have a look into that example? I’m not sure, if you find an answer about the TAB in there, but might be worth a look…


There is a previous post that may be related to the question:

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Hi Moonki!
Thanks a lot! That’s the solution.
I’ve tried a few searches but did not come across that thread. Sorry for that.
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