AnySphericalJoint behaviour


i have got a question about AnySphericalJoint. Generally this joint is defined by two nodes which each belong to one segment. These nodes are normally located at the same position and the two segments are able to perform a rotation with respect to this location. That means the joint is like a ball and socket joint.

But what is the kinematical behaviour if the two nodes are not at the same location? About which location is there a rotation possible or how can the kinematical behaviour be desribed?



ok, this question is upside down. The nodes are per definition on the same location. sRel may though be different. After “initial conditions” their location is identical.

Yes exactly,
But you can have an AnyKinRotational measure defined between two nodes which do not have the same position. It does not change the function of the measure it will still measure the rotations between the two reference systems supplied.

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