AnySurf to STL - Can someone convert a file for me?


I need a STL file from the AnySurf of the humerus, as I want to compare the healthy humerus AnySurf with a deformated humerus (STL) in 3D Studio Max.

Could someone please help me?

basically the AMS can do the job.
Load a model, browse in the Model tree to the AnyDraw object of the bone you are interested in, right click and export the stl file.
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Thanks a lot!

When I try to import it, 3DS Max asks “shaders or phenomea”, but neither the option shaders nor phenomena is promting the exported AnySurf. I am totally new to 3DS MAX, so it might me a stupid question.

Did you save the file with the right extension? You have to explicitly type model.stl, the export function will not do this automatically.
Besides from this comment I cannot provide any help, I dont have any experience with 3dmax. It works perfect with the progs I use (Rhino, ICEM,…)

It’s displayed! Thank you!