Applying new kinematic data to ExoConceptTrunk_BoxLift.main


There is a model in the example folder named "ExoConceptTrunk_BoxLift.main." Can I applying another kinematic data to this model to simulate my movement ?


Hi Mina,

Yes you can change the mocap data for this model. But, please note that this uses the box lift model. The box lift model includes a customisable box that is constrained to the hands at all times. So, your subject will always be carrying a box. This means that you would need to crop the analysis to the part where your subject was actually carrying the box.

If your motion is not about box lifting, then I would suggest you start with the simple bvh based model or c3d based model, and then include the code for the exo from the ExoConceptTrunk_BoxLift model.

Best regards

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