Archery c3d

I have attached the model like you asked.I have included a zip folder and Ess04 is my c3d file. The error says “unresolved object”. I used MoCap_Fullbody. my c3d file does not have any forceplates in it. I just want to import my c3d file into anybody and see the results in anybody.


Not perfect yet, but it is running and looks okay for the beginning.

  1. I added a simple STL of an arc from GrabCad for visualization
  2. The Arc is very flexible, so you cannot model it easily in a rigid body system
  3. There is only one marker on wrist, so it is difficult to judge on pronation in elbow and perfect hand position. I added a soft driver for that in the extra drivers

you should edit the sRels of the markers (markers.any) to optimize the motion and improve the initial position in the trialspecific file so that the posture when loading is close to the initial posture from the markers.

made a little update, but still requires optimizing the motion…

thank you so much sir. I will alter the sRel and try to optimize the motion .