Arm settings in BodyPartsSetup.any

When creating an Anybody model using “BodyPartsSetup.any”, there are several arm settings.
In case of RightArm;

#define RIGHT_ARM 1
//This is the basic model, following additions available
// This is just the bones,
// Choose one of the following options to add muscles
#define RIGHT_ARM_MUS_3E 0

I was trying to apply the options of RIGHT_DETAILLED_HAND or RIGHT_SHOULDER_RHYTHM (changed 0 to 1), but model loading was failed and the console said the following message:
“ERROR(OBJ1) : D:/An…s/A…1/Body/A…n/B…s/G…l/BodyModel.any : BodyModel.UnhallowedCombination : Combination is not allowed: Two different Hand models are included.”

Is there any other configuration to use those options for model building?


First, the error message saying “Two different Hand models are included” means that you tried to use the detailled hand on the right arm and the normal hand on the left arm. This is not allowed due to the model structure, when both arms are present they must use the same hand model (either both detailed or both normal).

The second thing is that some applications in the repository are not ready to use all the body options, because drivers or joint angle values may be missing in the mannequin file. The best applications to use the hand and shoulder rhytm are FreePosture and FreePostureHandSR.

Best regards, Sylvain.

I see that there exists some limitations for using those options.
Thank you :slight_smile: