Ask reference for marker set

Dear Sir/Madam
May I ask you some reference for marker set AnyBody is using?
The names of markers are clear but the positions of some markers are ambiguous. That is to say, most of bone markers are clear but some markers on muscle such as RTHI and RTIB are not clear, many researchers having their own definition.
Could you introduce some document or reference which can help me to define marker position in practice? I am planning to collect optical tracking data with Vicon system this week and want to use exactly same marker set used in Anybody to minimize analytical error.

Thank you
Seungkook Jun

Hi Seungkook Jun

In most of the examples in the repository “gaitlowerextremity” and “gaitfullbody” a makerprotocol resembling plugingait has been used.

Markers such as RTHI and RTIB do not have a very well defined position. In the models the marker location has been optimized to fit the experimental postion in the best way.

Best regards