Asking Gastrocnemius Lateralis muscle activity

Dear Colleague in Anybody,

I just made a model of people performed side jumping, and when I looked into the graph of muscle activity of Gastrocnemius Lateralis, the graph looked very strange, compared to other graphs (such as : vastus medialis, bicep femoris etc), can anyone tell me what is wrong with my model?

Adhi D Wibawa

Hi Adhi,

I took a look at your model and it seemed the activity of the Gastroc Lateralis just gave some numerical zeros (in the order of 1e-10).

Then I noticed that your Z-direction is the direction of gravity, but in EnvironmentAutoDetection.any, you set the Y-direction as the direction of gravity. So just change VerticalDirection =ā€œYā€ to VerticalDirection =ā€œZā€ and it should solve your problem. This changes the way the GRFs are applied to your model.

Good luck,


Thanks Rene :), I must forget to change that, I thought I made the change already. Thanks for the suggestion, I will check it right a way. groetjes naar Vincenzo.