Attaching a barbell to the AMMR Squat model

hello everyone, i am starting a project in which i am investigating the loads on the tibia and fibula using the AMMR squat model simulating the loads when a barbell is involved.
i am very inexperienced with the software and would like some advice on the feasibility of this project and to ask any advice anyone has on an approach.

i am aware that the tutorial using the solidworks input could be utilised and how a model could be attached to a barbell, although the tutorial uses a standing model with no drivers. is it possible to simulate this solidworks component with an already driven model such as the ‘squat’ template?

or would it be required to use the standing model and simulate a squat myself by programming drivers?

Thankyou, and i appreciate any replys

Hi George,

No, you can just add a component to the existing model, but this will only work if the motion is exactly the same. As you can imagine putting a barebell on your shoulders may change the kinematics because the CoM of the system changes.

If your “template” model uses a CoM driver - you will not need to do anything special, but otherwise you may want to account for the change in the CoM.

You do not necessary need to have the barebell in the system - you could just add equivalent masses to each hand instead, but for the visual output you will, of course, need the barebell.

Kind regards,

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Hi pavel,
i really appreciate your reply. after a meeting with my project supervisor today, it was determined that the solidworks input, as you said, is not necessary and simulating the equivalent masses on each hand is the best course of action.

for the visual output, would it be a case of repeating the similar step in tutorial 2 (Getting started: Anyscript programming - Lesson 6) where a dumbbell was ‘simulated’ to act on the hand but only a point load was applied as this was a very good approximation?

Yes, a point load or adding an actual segment with a mass will be good. Please check ref. manual for AnyForce3D class in case you choose the point load option.
Kind regards,

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