Attaching an exoskeleton to walking human body

Hello Everyone,

I have an ankle exoskeleton detailed design created by Solid works.I exported it from Solidworks into Anybody using the Solidworks2Anybody.
I want it to attach to the human walking model and do a parametric study.
It is much appreciated if anyone can help me with this.

Thank you


Where do you want to make the attachments and what sort of parametric study would you like to conduct? Some code snippets or screen shots would help us see how far you are.

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Thank you Christine for your reply. I haven’t attached walking model yet. I am following some tutorials to find out what are the steps should I follow.
Basically I want to attach my ankle exoskeleton model to walking model. Then I want to get muscle activation and joint angles (ankle) data for with and without exoskeleton situations.

Can you please suggest me some steps to follow or tutorial to look after. Then I can try to do it.

Thank you.

Hi Amashi,

We do not have a specific tutorial on the exoskeleton, but we have this tutorial on how to attach the human body to a some sort of external object for interaction analysis:

You will need to do something similar.

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Hello Pavel,

Thank you so much for your kind reply. I will follow it and let you know the progress.


Hello Pavel & Christine,

I was working on attaching ankle exoskeleton to walking model in last few months. But I could not complete my work yet.

I would like to know are there any consultancy service we can get from you?
or can you please check whether if it's possible to attach my model to AMMR walking model.

It is much appreciated if you can help me with this.

Thank you.

Hi Amashi,

If you are able to share the model on this forum, we can try to help you here, this is free and the answers may benefit other users.

Alternatively please write to concerning consultancy service.

If you are able to share the model here, please described what you have done so far, which AMMR version you are using and what the problem is.

Best regards