basic question

Hi, we are new to AnyBody and have some basic questions. Thank you for your help!
We just started to work with the AnyBody software and now try to figure out if the AnyBody software can help us in our purpose.
Just so we understand this correctly: the kinematics analysis is executed without including the muscle forces and the optimization criteria (Min/Max) is first used in the inverse dynamics analysis?
Is there any other optimization criteria stored in the kinematics analysis?
Thanks for helping us with your answer!

Hi Jennifer and welcome to AnyBody!

The kinematic analysis only reproduces the movement. It does not compute forces of any kind, so there is not optimization involved in terms of muscle recruitment.

However, recent updates of the system contain a funtionality for redundant kinematics that has some optimization built in, but not for computation of forces. The kinematic optimization has the purpose of finding compromises between redundant kinematic constraints and identify unknown parameters. You can read about this in the tutorial “Making things move”.

Best regards,